If you want to live your life the way you want it, then go ahead, just remember to not trample other people's lives while you're fixing yours.
Name: Jamila
Age: 17
Birthday: Sept. 23
OTP: Larry

harrysrogue said: ok so i've got paris, dallas, germany, wellington, even as young as you are, chairty match, pepsi ad, vmas tag i need to add more to. what other good things from 2012? :)


i hope you don’t mind that i’m answering this publicly, i’m a tad lazy so i want to use this list for reference in my own timeline.

you’ve already got paris, dallas, germany, wellington, the barbara walter interview, the charity game , pepsi, and the vmas,so you’re off to a good start.

other good 2012 dates/events












i’m also very fond of the vevo videos (diaries, interview, in america) and the access 1d videos.

i’m currently in the midst of reblogging 2012 posts so a lot of these tags will continue to grow in the next few weeks. hope this helps you!

still so gentle ~ [X]

Anonymous said: Harry literally came out of the closet with that tweet (I'm still not over it, sorry). We know he's been outing himself for a long time, but that tweet was "wow", a huge step out of the closet. For those who pay attention, it's was huge deal. For those who don't it was more like a wake up call. He's certainly done and I'm so proud of him! They're still MIA, btw [stares into the sunset].


*stares into the sunset with you*

Anonymous said: There are rumors going around that my boyfriend is still sleeping with his ex . I tried to confront him about it but he just kind of shrugged it off and didn't really say anything . What should i do?



 I always forget Louis already had a tattoo on his left arm (ed.)


It’s one of those Harry’s stories . What is your biggest phobia? +

Louis Tomlinson + text posts that describe him creepy well.


he was def one of those kids that got away with cursing in front of adults bc he just looks and sounds so cute saying it 





even if one direction has been died out for decades and I’m a middle aged woman with 3 kids about to graduate college and that’s when larry decides to come out I’ll hit up every bitch that ever doubted me for a second and fucking rub it in their face like there’s no tomorrow


Harry: “’More Than This’ is about a situation where there’s, possibly, your love interest might have feelings for someone else and you’re saying ‘I can love you…better than he can.’” +